The Coming Together of Two Powers
When two powers come together, a third power — greater than the sum of the original two — is the result. That’s what you get when you choose the awesome combination of Siemon connecting hardware and Mohawk cable. These two companies offer outstanding quality products and industry leading performance. When you install a Siemon/Mohawk cabling system, you can be assured of superior transmission performance, speeds, bandwidth and data integrity… and a system that is 100% guaranteed. Laboratory tests prove it.

The Exploding Need for 10 Gigabit Ethernet
The demand for Internet Protocol (IP) applications like Voice over IP, IP security, teleconferencing and audio/video streaming along with the convergence of multiple systems like data, voice, video, building automation and application sharing are taxing today’s networks like never before. As a result, networks are experiencing more traffic, increased errors, lower throughput and degraded performance. Keeping these advanced applications running smoothly requires high-speed, high-bandwidth networks — and cabling infrastructure is the key element in the design and implementation of next generation networks. Enter Siemon and Mohawk. Siemon and Mohawk offer cable and connecting hardware designed to exceed all industry standards and provide the high bandwidth needed to run IP-applications over 10 Gigabit Ethernet. With a Siemon/Mohawk cabling infrastructure, you’ll benefit from greater bandwidth, speed and reliability on which to run your advanced business applications.

10 Gigabit Ethernet Copper Systems

The Siemon Company and Mohawk offer the ultimate in copper cabling systems designed to support 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. Siemon’s 10G 6 UTP connecting hardware combined with Mohawk’s GigaLAN 10 cable provide channel performance that far exceeds the transmission criteria of category 6 standards and enable usable bandwidth up to 625 MHz.

10 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Optic System
Ideal for the network backbone or fiber-to-the-desktop applications, nothing out-performs Siemon’s XGLO products combined with Mohawk’s AdvanceLite Grades 5 and 6, 50 micron fiber. Together, they provide 10 Gigabit performance… ready now for Next Generation installations. This system features fiber optimized for laser-based protocols, for the highest transmission speeds and data integrity available today. Yet, this system is still compatible with LED-based systems. Cabling performance has been third-party verified to TIA/EIA 568-B.3.

Superior Category 6 Cabling For Today’s Gigabit Applications
For performance beyond category 6, Siemon’s System 6 connecting hardware combined with Mohawk AdvanceNet cable offer the greatest value-to-performance ratio available in structured cabling systems. This system is ideal for running Gigabit Ethernet networks, enabling end users to deploy the advanced bandwidth-intensive applications needed to succeed in today’s enterprise environment. With margin well above the category 6 standards on all parameters, the Siemon/Mohawk category 6 cabling system is an optimum choice for your high performance network needs.

Category 5e Solutions That Exceed the Standards
For many businesses, a category 5e cabling system offers acceptable performance for the applications they are running today. But why settle for an average system when the Premium 5e/MegaLAN category 5e cabling solution offered by Siemon and Mohawk surpasses the category 5e industry standards with high margins. This enhanced performance enables bandwidth out to 160 MHz, supporting robust applications both today and tomorrow… applications such as 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and even Gigabit Ethernet.

Fiber Optic Solutions For Gigabit Backbone
Backbone data transmission, whether campus-wide or inter-building, requires the speed, bandwidth and reliability of fiber optic structured cabling. Siemon’s LightSystem fiber connectivity along with Mohawk’s AdvanceLite cables provide a complete end-to-end fiber optic solution for today’s requirements. It’s ideal for companies that do not yet require a 10 Gigabit system, but still need a high-performance system that can support Gigabit Ethernet applications through the backbone or directly to the desktop.

Does your business operate in an environment with less-than-optimal conditions — like dust, moisture, vibration, and high electromagnetic interference? Then ask about Siemon/Mohawk Industrial Cabling Systems. Available in category 5e, 6 and fiber optic media, they exceed the transmission performance required to run Industrial Ethernet applications, while providing protection against harsh environmental elements.

Celebrating its 100 year anniversary in 2003, The Siemon Company has a century-long reputation for quality telecommunications products. Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut, the Siemon campus boasts state-of-the-art technology in R&D, engineering, automation and production of its full line of cabling connecting hardware. Located in Leominster, Massachusetts, Mohawk had been a leader in wire and cable quality for over half a century. With one of today’s most advanced facilities for the design, development and production of copper, fiber optic, and hybrid cable products, Mohawk offers the best in engineering design, production technology, quality control and customer support.