Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC)  Program

Mohawk's Open Architecture model is based on TIA 568-C.2 standard that states "This standard specifies a generic telecommunications cabling system...that will support a multi-product, multi-vendor environment." This included installation choices from our nationwide network of qualified MAC contractors. By becoming a BICSI accredited MAC for Mohawk product installations, you enjoy numerous benefits including the ability to offer Mohawk's ChannelMATE™ extended 25 year warranty. This "Campus Wide" warranty protection covers Mohawk's complete line of cable products, which is the foundation of data transmission AND an end user's choice of connectivity with our extensive list of partners. MAC's also benefit from numerous incentives including rebates based on qualified purchases, technical support for Mohawk products, installation troubleshooting and industry standard and applications updates.

2015 Design-Win rebate terms and conditions.

For more information on our training program please click below or call Mohawk at 317-818-6312
Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC) Certification
Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC) Warranty Information
Mohawk Accredited Contractor (MAC) Rebate Information



pdf Download the 2015 MAC brochure here