Easybox® For Category 3–6e+ UTP Cables

The cable is packaged directly in the box and dispenses in a tangle-free payout as if on a reel in 1000 ft. lengths.

Cable Caddy— Reel-in-a-box For Category 3–6e+ UTP Cables

The 1000 ft. length of cable is placed on a plastic reel and is dispensed from the front of the Cable Caddy.

Category 3–6e+ cables are also available on standard 1000 ft. reels.


Mohawk’s standard UTP and F/UTP copper cables are available on 1000 ft. reels, from inventory. Non-standard cables are available in customer specified lengths, as well as 1000 ft. reels.

Fiber Optic Cables

Mohawk’s fiber optic cable is supplied on reels only and is available in specified lengths with a -0+10% tolerance on standard size reels. Non-standard put-ups are available on request.