Video Triax Cables and Assemblies

For interconnecting video cameras to related equipment, triaxial cables are constructed with a solid or stranded center conductor and two isolated shields. The center conductor and the inner isolated shield make up a coaxial cable configuration that functions to carry the video signal. The outer isolated shield can be used for several separate signals by means of multiplexing that may include teleprompter feeds and control for automation, such as robotics.

Benefits and Features

  • We offer both RG/U types of triaxial cable

  • Standard sizes include RG-59/U Type (3/8" triax) and RG-11/U Type (1/2" triax)

  • RG-59/U: smaller and more flexible of the two

  • RG-11/U: lower attenuation values that will allow for longer cable runs

  • Both cables may be used with various OEM Triax Adapter Systems for SD/HD transmission

  • These cables and/or their manufacture are covered by patents. See for details.

Technical Information

Video Triax Cable Assemblies

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