26-pin MultiCore Assemblies

Mohawk is an approved source of camera cable assemblies for the major manufacturers of professional camera systems. We only use top performing components, from the tightly specified coaxial and interconnect transmission lines that make up our UL listed cable, to the highest quality connectors.

Manufacturer Manufacturer's Part # Description
Sony CCZAD 26-pin digital
Sony CCZA 26-pin analog
Sony CCA7 10-pin
Sony CCA5 8-pin
Sony CCQAM 14-pin to 14-pin
Sony VDCC 12-pin
Ikegami MCC 26-pin
Ikegami CP 8-pin
Hitachi KAB 26-pin
Hitachi KR 28-pin
Hitachi CR 41-pin
JVC VCP 26-pin
Panasonic WVCA26U 26-pin
Panasonic 32A 32-pin

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