Fiber Optic Camera Cables

Mohawk offers broadcasters a complete end to end cabling solution for their HDTV infrastructure upgrades. Utilizing the highest quality single-mode optical fibers to transmit the uncompressed 1.5 gigabits per second, coupled with years of termination expertise, Mohawk ensures optimal performance and repeatability.

Benefits and Features

  • Consist of two tight buffered, Single-Mode optical fibers, four 20 AWG (19x32) and two 24 AWG (7x32) tinned copper conductors, insulated with PE

  • Cabled around a jacketed stranded steel strength element, with an overall tinned copper braid, 80% min. coverage, and a black DuraFlex jacket

  • Compliant with SMPTE 311M and UL recognized type AWM, 300 volt rating

  • These cables and/or their manufacture are covered by patents. See for details.

Technical Information

Fiber Optic Camera Cables

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