Government CablesFor more than 50 years Mohawk has been designing and manufacturing advanced cable solutions for Government applications globally, ranging from Command and Control Centers, Military Bases, High Bandwidth Data Center locations and Outdoor Deployment environments. Mohawk's high performance Copper, Fiber Optic and Special Application cables meet your data networking, video, sound, and security needs, as well as providing a flexible warranted option for Government installations.


Networking Cables and Assemblies

Federal, State and Local Governments all demand superior voice, data and video performace from cable installations. To meet the evolving demands of Government network systems, our cables deliver performance essentials to building a solid foundation for expanding and future data demands.

Copper Cables

Fiber Optic Cables

Field Installation Environments

For Rugged field installation applications, our adapatable special application cables offer versatillity and robust protection in the harshest environments. Whether you need to extend your current metwork to temporary facilities, set up field command communications or establish redeployable audio/video communication environments, Mohawk has the specialized cable products that deliver maximum performance.

Reliable Security Cables

Mohawk offers cables for security monitoring including video-surveillance camera and card reader access systems to protect people and property.


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