GigaLAN 10® Augmented Cat 6A UTP

High performance copper cabling continues to be the answer for high bandwidth applications. GigaLAN 10, with a reduced OD, offers enhanced flexibility and installation ease into conduit. The cable offers a cost effective solution for high bandwidth applications from desktop to data center.  GigaLAN 10 is the highest performance Category 6A UTP cable which supports 10GBASE-T applicaitons over a full 100 meter channel and provides 750 MHz confirmed stability. Primary applications suitable for use include Data Centers, Healthcare, Education and Financial sectors.  

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  • 25 year Warranty (available with MAC program)
  • GigaLAN 10’s unique FlexWeb®, combined with a patented fluted jacket construction, isolates the cable pairs and has outstanding pair-to-pair balance for superior headroom and reduced crosstalk
  • Increase in power to 500 MHz due to lower insertion loss characteristics than Category 6
  • Improvement in NEXT and ACRF vs. draft Category 6A – 1 dB minimum for NEXT and 3 dB minimum for ACRF
  • Support for 10 Gigabit Ethernet / 10GBASE-T /IEEE 802.3an; fully backwards compatible for 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, and 1000BASE-T applications
  • This cable and/or its manufacture are covered by patents.  See for details.